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Christos Anesti! Christ is Risen! Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Pascha. Beauty in Orthodox Trinitarian Theology »

May 8th, 2018    Posted in Daily Meditations

There is an extraordinary beauty in Orthodox Trinitarian theology. I all too easily lose sight of that beauty, but it came back to me again the other day after a conversation I had with a non-Orthodox friend…. His problem, as he describes it, is with the Church’s traditional doctrines — which he referred to with a slight edge of hostility as “dogmas” — that appear to “put God in a […]

Trinity: God Is for Us »

February 12th, 2018    Posted in Daily Meditations

Love is just like prayer; it is not so much an action that we do, but a dialogue that already flows through us. We don’t decide to “be loving”; rather, to love is to allow our deepest and truest nature to show itself. The “Father” doesn’t decide to love the “Son.” Fatherhood is the flow from Father to Son, one hundred percent. The Son does not choose now and then […]

Trinity: The Power of Love »

February 5th, 2018    Posted in Daily Meditations

I think it’s foolish to presume we can understand Jesus if we don’t first of all understand Trinity. We will continually misinterpret and misuse Jesus if we don’t first participate in the circle dance of mutuality and communion within which he participated. We instead make Jesus into “Christ the King,” a title he rejected in his lifetime (John 18:37), and we operate as if God’s interest in creation or humanity […]

The Twentieth Day of Christmas Advent. Feast Day of Saint Barbara »

December 4th, 2017    Posted in Daily Meditations

During the rule of Maximius, in the year 290 AD, the governor in the Anatolian city of Heliopolis was Dioscuros. He was a wealthy man who was originally from the nearby village of Galassos. He had only one child, a very beautiful girl named Barbara. Her parents were extremely proud of her, not only because of her beauty, but of her virtuosity as well. To protect her, her parents erected […]


August 24th, 2017    Posted in Daily Meditations

If we have been involved in charismatic prayer for some time, we should not be surprised or disappointed if this style of prayer calms down over the years to a simple resting in the presence of God. The traditional role of God the Holy Spirit is to conform us to God the Word, Who then ushers us into the silent depths of God the Father. This Trinitarian simplification happens at […]