Great Lent

No One Is Saved Alone »

June 19th, 2020    Posted in Daily Meditations

By Fr. Stephen Freeman, July 16, 2015  “If anyone falls, he falls alone. But no one is saved alone.” – Alexei Khomiakov Roughly 25 years ago I quit smoking. I never think about it now – it has become a thing of the distant past. But I can remember a period of about 10 years in which I struggled to quit. I would make up my mind, throw things away, […]

Have You Lost Your Soul? »

June 5th, 2020    Posted in Daily Meditations

By Fr. Stephen Freeman, July 1, 2015 When was the last time you heard someone express concern for their soul? When was the last time you listened earnestly as a friend lamented a psychological or emotional struggle? The reason for the difference is simple: we have become a “soul-less” psychologized society. The classical concern for the soul has been replaced by an overwhelming interest in psychological and emotional “health.” We are […]

The Sixth Friday of Great Lent. The Fast that Keeps. »

April 10th, 2020    Posted in Daily Meditations

By Fr. Stephen Freeman, March 12, 2013  Corrie Ten Boom, the Dutch Christian who suffered in Hitler’s Ravensbruck for her work rescuing Jews, shared stories of her life within those death camps. I recall one of her remarks, “We did not keep the Sabbath, the Sabbath kept us.” Some years back I was filming a television show with the local Rabbi and a member of his congregation (who was a […]

Sixth Thursday of Great Lent. ‘My Child, wake up and don’t waste your time on stupid things!’ »

April 9th, 2020    Posted in Daily Meditations

By Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi, September 9, 2019 I received your short letter and I share your pain. I brought to mind the image of how things are and, aware of my own wretchedness, sighed at the possibility of being saved. ‘Alas, Saviour of the world, I am overwhelmed by my iniquities and am unable to see. Hasten, as merciful, and make speed, as compassionate, to our aid, for you […]

The Sixth Wednesday of Great Lent. Fast from…Feast on… »

April 8th, 2020    Posted in Daily Meditations

FAST from self-concern and FEAST on compassion for others. FAST from discouragement and FEAST on hope. FAST from lethargy and FEAST on enthusiasm. FAST from suspicion and FEAST on truth. FAST from thoughts that weaken and FEAST on promises that inspire. FAST from shadows of sorrow and FEAST on the sunlight of serenity. FAST from idle gossip and FEAST on purposeful silence. FAST from problems that overwhelm you and FEAST […]