Doubt and Modern Belief »

January 19th, 2018    Posted in Daily Meditations

By Father Stephen Freeman Why do people in the modern world find belief so difficult? Obviously, many find ways to believe in God and do so with great zeal, but others, even those who describe themselves as believers, admit either to doubts about God or about many traditional teachings of the faith. The more “miraculous” teachings, the Divinity of Christ, the Virgin Birth, Walking on the Water, Rising from the Dead, […]

The Fifth Day of Christmas. 14,000 Innocent Children: Christmas Has a Cost »

December 29th, 2017    Posted in Daily Meditations

By Andrew Estocin Christmas can be too comfortable sometimes.  As the Nativity Season unfolds, churches are celebrating the birth of Christ.   Gifts are being shared, kitchens are busy preparing traditional foods, and retreat speakers have returned home from their visits to parishes. While all these events may be well intentioned, they frequently point us in the direction of nostalgia rather than a living faith.  Nostalgia can often be unhealthy.   The […]

MERRY CHRISTMAS! St. John Chrysostom’s Christmas Homily »

December 25th, 2017    Posted in Daily Meditations

Proffered by Father Stephen Freeman BEHOLD a new and wondrous mystery. My ears resound to the Shepherd’s song, piping no soft melody, but chanting full forth a heavenly hymn. The Angels sing. The Archangels blend their voice in harmony. The Cherubim hymn their joyful praise. The Seraphim exalt His glory. All join to praise this holy feast, beholding the Godhead here on earth, and man in heaven. He Who is […]

The Fortieth Day of Christmas Advent (Christmas Eve). Ecumenical Patriarch’s Christmas Message: Christ Conquers Violence and Evil through Love »

December 24th, 2017    Posted in Daily Meditations

By His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I + BARTHOLOMEW By God’s Mercy Archbishop of Constantinople-New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch To the Plenitude of the Church: Grace, mercy, and peace from the Savior Christ, born in Bethlehem Beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord, “Christ is descending from the heavens; let us meet Him!” God has appeared on earth and, at the same time, we have seen the perfect man together with […]

The Thirty-Seventh Day of Christmas Advent. What to Give to the One Who Made Everything? »

December 21st, 2017    Posted in Daily Meditations

By Fr. John Parker So here is a twist on the usual question:  what do you get for that someone who *made* everything?  I confess to you, dear reader, that the question comes a bit crassly off my fingertips.  But the truth is, here we are, at the inauguration of the Christmas feast—which continues through December 31 in Orthodox Christianity—and while we are hauling bags of wrapping paper and boxes […]