Little Angels

The Little Angels is a children’s group within the Sunday School Program for all children 3 to 7 years old currently enrolled in Sunday School. The purpose is to promote friendship amongst the children in a casual and relaxed atmosphere while maintaining the spirit of our faith. This group also offers a wonderful opportunity for parents to get to know each other, as well. For those of you new to Saint Sophia and to those with children newly enrolled in Sunday School we welcome you with open arms.


Organization is a committee of parents who plan and coordinate various activities for the children. The committee is supervised by the Presiding Priest and two advisors from the Sunday School staff. The Sunday School Registration Roster serves as the basis for inclusion.


Our group of children attend a variety of fun events held every year, including our Christmas pajama Party, our pre-Lenten pizza party with Easter crafts, Greek dancing lessons, a tour of the Cathedral with Father John, and our family pot-luck picnic. One of our most exciting events involves running our own lemonade stand at the spring festival where we have been able to contribute over $4,000 towards the Festival proceeds.



Effie Frankowski:, 240-606-3609


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Registering for Little Angels

To join the Little Angels children ages 3 – 7 must be enrolled in the Cathedral’s Sunday School program. To enroll in the Sunday School program, please contact the Cathedral office at 202-333-4730 or download the Sunday School registration form.

If you have questions about the Little Angels program, please contact the Cathedral office at 202-333-4730.