Joy is the Junior Orthodox Youth of Saint Sophia Cathedral. Its mission is to lead our young people into experiencing the Holy Orthodox Faith through Worship, Fellowship, Service and Witness. All children who attend Saint Sophia Sunday School ages 8 – 12 are members of JOY.


Organization is a committee of parents who plan and coordinate various activities for the children. The committee is supervised by the Dean of the Cathedral and two advisors from the Sunday School staff. The Sunday School Registration Roster serves as the basis for inclusion.


Throughout the year, JOY children participate in a variety of activities that reinforce positive teachings and traditions of the Orthodox Church. Activities are structured to bring together our children in a spirit of love and admiration.

JOY group is encouraged to give back to their community. Past events have included: Fundraising for Orthodox and youths around the world; Christmas Caroling for Assisted Living Residents; The Saint Sophia Spaghetti Dinner which support’s the new Frosene Education Building; The Saint Sophia annual Easter Egg Hunt, following the Agapi Service, is made possible by JOY members. Each year, children assemble and distribute Easter egg baskets for the youngest members of the Saint Sophia Community and organize an Easter Egg Hunt at Saint Sophia, and The Saint Sophia JOYs kids booth is organized each year for the Fall and Spring Saint Sophia Festivals, including games and fun activities for the youngest festival attendees.




Effie Frankowski:, 240-606-3609


Libby Kozanas Koklanaris:

Shaboo Likouris

Communication, Sign-up

Maria Karounos:

Little Angels:



Registering for JOY

To join the JOY children ages 8 – 12 must be enrolled in the Cathedral’s Sunday School program. To enroll in the Sunday School program, please contact the Cathedral office at 202-333-4730 or download the Sunday School registration form.

If you have questions about the JOY program, please contact the Cathedral office at 202-333-4730.