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Faith Without Works is Dead. Imitating Christ. »

October 29th, 2020    Posted in Daily Meditations

By Abbot Tryphon, October 29, 2019  Without good works faith does not dwell in our hearts The very moment faith enters the soul is that moment when we turn toward God in repentance and recognize we cannot live without Him. As we grow in our faith we come to realize we must remain in a continual state of repentance, for grace abounds in the heart of the man who is […]

A Primer of Spiritual Life »

October 28th, 2020    Posted in SSCORRE!

SSCORRE! Saint Sophia Cathedral Online Resources for our Religious Edification Topic of the Week:  A Primer of Spiritual Life “Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, most of us are far from even beginning to fulfill these precepts… nevertheless accept from me, sinful Aleksander,  this Primer of Spiritual Life.” What follows are some excerpts from the Primer of Spiritual Life, by Father Aleksander Orlov of Omsk. The entire Primer was recently published here Sept […]

On October 28 the Greek Orthodox Church commemorates the Feast Day of the Protection of the Theotokos, the Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary. »

October 28th, 2020    Posted in Daily Meditations

The feast-day of the Holy Protection of the Mother of God was established following a vision of holy Father Andrew during the course of a Vigil in the Church of Vlachernae at Constantinople. At the Fourth Hour of the night while deep in prayer, the Saint lifted up his eyes to heaven and beheld the Holy Mother of God watching over the faithful as she covered the faithful with her […]

Early Christianity: Practice Prayer of the Heart »

October 27th, 2020    Posted in Daily Meditations

Practice: Prayer of the Heart Abba Poemen said, “Teach your mouth to say what is in your heart.” [1] Many of the desert fathers and mothers, as well as the collected texts of the Philokalia in the Eastern Orthodox tradition, have described prayer as bringing your thinking down into your heart. It always seemed like soft piety to me until someone taught me how to do it, and I learned the […]

Feast of the Holy and Glorious Great Martyr Saint Demetrios, the Myrrh-Streamer »

October 26th, 2020    Posted in Daily Meditations

Saint Demetrios suffered in Thessalonica during the reign of Galerius Maximian (c. 306). He belonged to one of the most distinguished families of the province of Macedonia and was widely admired not only because of his noble ancestry and grace of bearing, but also for virtue, wisdom and goodness of heart surpassing that of his elders. The military expertise of Saint Demetrios led Galerius, as Caesar of the Eastern Empire, […]