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April 2nd, 2020

Holy Week & Pascha, 2020

Dearest Parishioners and Stewards,

During this “Virtual Holy Week,” it is my most heartfelt prayer that you will continue to support your beloved Cathedral as you have always done so in the past.

By clicking on the links, below, you may light a virtual candle, contribute to a virtual tray, light a virtual “Kandili” (votive candle) for health and remembrance, and make a donation using text messaging.

Also, you may wish to click on my “How to Stay Connected When Separated,” to access additional giving opportunities. And, as always, you may remit by check directly to the Cathedral office, or online using our Faith Direct program [Click here]. Please call: 202-333-4730, if you need assistance.

I ask you to please consider that over the years of YOUR devoted faith giving, as a congregation the total Holy Week offerings from candles, trays, and special donations for the eight days from Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday inclusive, has averaged about $36,000, or $4,500 a day.

In the past, this financial offertory reflecting both your love of, and commitment to, Saint Sophia Cathedral has been remarkably and wondrously steady.

If you are able, please make an offertory of love each day and night throughout Holy Week, during which our Lord and Savior unveils before us the cosmic drama of our salvation from death, and His gift of eternal life, to us all.

As always, I remain profoundly grateful for your continued love, prayer and support!

Stay safe! Stay blessed! Do not fear! For as the Orthros of the Resurrection triumphantly proclaims, “rejoice and be glad!” For truly the “New Jerusalem brightly shines, and the Lord’s own glory rises up her,” and us! Let us, then, “exalt in the Resurrection of Him!”  ~Adapted from the Orthros of the Resurrection, 9th Ode, 1st Tone.

Father Steve

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“Now you are the Body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.” ~ 1 Corinthians 12:27
Please consider making your Donation of Love by clicking on the below:

Καλό Πάσχα! A Blessed Pascha! The Lord’s Pascha! Our Pascha!

  1. Light a Virtual Candle
  2. Contribute to a Virtual Tray
  3. TEXT-to-GIVE by simply texting us at: 202-899-7801
  4. Light a Virtual “Kandili” (Votive Candle) for Healing and Remembrance
  5. Donate by check to Saint Sophia Cathedral