Saint Sophia Blog: January

Saint Anthony of the Desert. “You Are Crazy; You Are Not Like Us!” »

January 17th, 2019    Posted in Daily Meditations

If the desert elders are not selfish, if they are simply men and women who are learning the hard lesson of sharing, are they perhaps opponents of the flesh? Do they hate the body? It is not difficult to find harsh statements about the passions and against the body in the Sayings. Yet, we should be careful to ask what these statements actually imply. Are the elders speaking of subduing […]

From Image to Likeness (Part II) »

January 16th, 2019    Posted in Daily Meditations

In the Mother of God, the first created person who has entered the resplendence of the Kingdom in her earthly flesh, we see the two mysteries conjoined: that of the image restored in Christ and that of the likeness achieved by the Spirit and freedom. Nicholas Cabasilas said that God, as long as he had not found a mother, was like a king in exile, like a stranger without a […]

“Reign” or “Realm”? (Part II) »

January 15th, 2019    Posted in Daily Meditations

There is ongoing tension between what has been accomplished and what is still to be done, between the “already” and the “not yet.” The “end time” is already present; the Kingdom is in our midst in the person and work of the Son of God. Yet its fulfillment lies in the future, when the Lord’s reign will summon all people to a final judgment, and lead the “righteous” into that […]

The Apostle Paul »

January 14th, 2019    Posted in Daily Meditations

Meeting the Risen Christ on the road to Damascus changed everything for Paul. He experienced the great paradox that the crucified Jesus was in fact alive! And he, a “sinner,” was in fact chosen and beloved. This pushed Paul from the usual either/or, dualistic thinking to both/and, mystical thinking. Not only did Paul’s way of thinking change, his way of being in the world was also transformed. Suddenly the persecutor—and […]

Can You Forgive Someone Else’s Enemies? »

January 11th, 2019    Posted in Daily Meditations

By Fr. Stephen Freeman, March 11, 2015 I have written from time to time about the concept expressed in Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov, “Forgive everyone for everything.” It is a quote taken from the fictional Elder Zosima, but it is certainly a sentiment well within the bounds of Orthodox thought. I have recently been challenged in several places by people arguing that we cannot forgive those who have not sinned against us […]